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Neighbourhood Plan

Kinnerley Parish Neighbourhood Plan Overview

Kinnerley Parish Neighbourhood Plan Overview summarises the views and aspirations of people living in all areas of the Parish. It highlights the key points from the full Plan and includes the recommendations made by people relating to Planning, Economic Development and Tourism and the Environment. 
pdfKPNP Overview

Kinnerley Parish Neighbourhood Plan

This is the full report and is a 111 page document. Paper copies are also available to view in community centres throughout the Parish including Kinnerley Parish Hall, Maesbrook Village Hall, Kinnerley C of E School, Oswestry Library, the Mobile Library and by contacting your Parish Councillor or the Parish Clerk.    
pdfKinnerley Parish Neighbourhood Plan    

Analysis of the Kinnerley Parish Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

Full analysis of the 460 questionnaires which were completed has been undertaken. This represents the views of 690 (75%) residents in the Parish.
You can view a presentation of the results pdfhere .

Kinnerley Facts

Facts and information about Kinnerley Parish which have been produced to help support the Neighbourhood Plan. 
 pdfKinnerley Facts

Housing & Development and Economic & Tourist Development Report Summary

At the end of May 2012 the Kinnerley Parish Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire was distributed to all residents over 16 years and over.  A total of 460 Questionnaires were returned representing the views of 690 individual and a response rate of 75%.

All responses were analysed and the preliminary results were presented at a public planning workshop on held on 28 June.  The results of the Questionnaire and of discussions at the workshop were used to produce a report covering Housing and Development and Economic and Tourist Development.  The report was approved by Kinnerley Parish Council on 24 September and then submitted to Shropshire Council as part of the SAMDev consultation.

The full Housing and Development and Economic and Tourist Development Report including results on views on preferred development of sites that have been registered by Shropshire Council as being actively promoted for development on behalf of the landowner can be viewed below:

pdfHousing and Development/Economic and Tourism KPNP report


Kinnerley Parish Council was approached in early 2011 by Shropshire Council to be nominated for the Neighbourhood Plan Front Runners project.

pdfKinnerley Neighbourhood Plan Bid .

In April 2011 the Parish Council received confirmation that it had been successful as one of five Town and Parish Councils from within Shropshire Council's area to receiving funding to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan.

In January 2012 Kinnerley Parish Council agreed that a working party called the Kinnerley Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would be set up with the following objective:

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is to oversee a process that will result in the preparation of a draft Neighbourhood Plan for Kinnerley Parish.

Terms of Reference were approved by the Parish Council in Jan 2012:

pdfKPNP Steering Group Terms of Reference