27th March 2024

Shropshire Council is able to provide support to some homes which would benefit from improvemnets to help keep warm - see the poster 

25th March 2024

Affected by Storm Henk? Apply for flood grants by Sunday 7 April

Shropshire Council now have access to flood recovery grants money from the Government, covering businesses and residents affected by Storm Henk from Tuesday 2 January 2024.

Businesses and residents whose properties were affected by Storm Henk are being urged to apply for a series of grants by Sunday 7 April 2024.

If you were affected by Storm Henk, which affected the county between Tuesday 2 January 2024 and Friday 12 January 2024, you may be able to apply for the following grants to help with your immediate needs:-

  • Flooded households in affected areas can apply for up to £500, to give cash to help with immediate costs.
  • Households and businesses significantly affected by flooding will be eligible for 100% council tax and business rates relief for at least three months.
  • Small-to-medium sized businesses in affected areas will be eligible for up to £2,500 from the Business Recovery Grant, to help them return to business as usual.
  • Eligible flood-hit property owners will be able to apply for up to £5,000 to help make their homes and businesses more resilient to future flooding, via the Property Flood Resilience Repair Grant Scheme.

Delay in accessing the Flood Recovery Grant 

In order for Shropshire Council to offer these grants to communities, the Government eligibility criteria requires councils to demonstrate that over 50 properties internally flooded during Storm Henk.

The Government also set strict timeframes for grants to be paid out, which Shropshire Council need to adhere to.

To gather the information on the impacts of Storm Henk, the council has been working extensively with its community support teams, Environment Agency, town councils, parish councils, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service and other organisations to gather the number of known flooded properties across the county.

Following a community meeting held in Shrewsbury, additional affected properties were identified, to reach the 50 properties threshold.

As this information has taken some time to gather, the timeframe for residents to apply for the grants has been greatly condensed. As a result, applications need to be submitted as soon as possible, and before the deadline of Sunday 7 April 2024.

19th March 2024

Under the Gambling Act 2005 (“the Act”), Shropshire Council is the licensing authority and is responsible for licensing and overseeing local gambling establishments and activities. Part of this responsibility is the duty to prepare and publish a statement of the principles (a policy) that the Council proposes to apply in exercising its functions under the Act. The Council’s current Gambling Act policy came into effect on 31 January 2022 and will cease to have effect on 30 January 2025. The Council must be in a position to formally adopt a revised policy with effect from 31 January 2025.

The Council has taken the opportunity to revise the content of the policy to reflect the latest guidance issued to licensing authorities by the Gambling Commission, to provide practical clarity to existing and potential licence holders and to assist Council officers to correctly apply the legal provisions of the Gambling Act 2005.The revision has led to minor amendments that update guidance references and the Local Area Profile has also been refreshed.

The Council welcomes and encourages all interested parties to provide feedback in relation to the content and format of the draft policy, which can be found at the following link:


The consultation period commences on Monday 18 March 2024 and closes on Sunday 9 June 2024. Representations should be made to, and further advice may be sought from, the Licensing Team on licensing@shropshire.gov.uk.


12th March 2024

The Parish Council is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced contractor to carry out grounds maintenance works as set out in the attached specification. Tendering by sealed bids to the Parish Clerk by 16th April 2024.

Please contact the Parish Clerk for any further information required (kinnerleyparishcouncil@gmail.com)

11th March 2024

Can we help? Will you require support to vote in the May 2024 Police and Crime Commissioner elections?

All of our polling stations are:

  • Wheelchair accessible or provided ramps for those that aren’t.
  • Have polling booths adapted specifically for wheelchair users.
  • Ballot box slot highlighted for the visually impaired to show where the ballot paper is placed.
  • Have large print ballot papers which are clearly displayed inside the polling station and a copy can be given to voters to take with them into the polling booth.
  • Have aids to enable blind voters to cast their vote without support (Tactile Voting Device)

Our polling stations will also allow voters with disabilities to use any text-to-speech apps, torch, or magnifier that they have on their phone to assist them in the reading of their ballot papers, even though mobile phones are not generally permitted in the polling stations.

Companions who can provide assistance in the polling station.

If you require support in order to complete you're vote then you can bring someone along with you, however if there is no one available then the presiding officer at the polling station is also available to offer that support.

Anyone over the age of 18 can act as a companion to assist you in the polling station. Any companion will be required to complete a declaration by companion to confirm they have assisted an elector in the polling station/voting booth.

There is also the option to arrange a postal vote (where your ballot paper is sent to you in the post 2 weeks before poll) or a proxy vote (where someone votes on your behalf) if you do not wish to vote at a polling station yourself.

If you think we could provide more help and support contact the Election team at elections@shropshire.gov.uk or call 0345 678 9015 and please let us know.


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