Coronovirus Briefings
17th March 2020

The Parish Council will continue to function as normally as possible during the current Coronovirus epdidemic.  The Clerk to the Parish Council already works from home, and although some Parish Council meetings may be cancelled, we will continue to ensure that key decisions are taken and services like grounds maintenance continue to be provided. 

Where we are given information we feel may be of use to local people we will post it on the website.  For example, we have recently received a communication from Dianne and Ian Postles in Knockin Heath who have set up a Whatsapp Group for the vllage in a  bid to enable people to stay in touch and help each other.  Their letter and contact information is attached below.

Take care everyone and let us know if there is anything you think the Parish Council could be doing to help out by contacting the Parish Clerk on



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