Flooding has for centuries periodically affected large parts of Kinnerley Parish and nearby Parishes in England and Wales.  Some of its effects were engaged with within the Neighbourhood Plan, as recorded on its pages 15 and 36 -38 (see under the Planning tab).  More recently, as a result of plans that might have increased the incidence of local flooding, the Parish Council set up a Flood Protection Working Group in late 2020.  The group aims to liaise with relevant bodies and organisations to help alleviate the effects of flooding.

Following the devastating floods after Storm Franklin on 21 February 2022 both Shropshire Council and the Environment Agency are asking people to send in information.  If you have been flooded, please tell the authorities, if you can, what it was like by actioning both of the two requests below to send in information.

1. Shropshire Council

They have just launched a questionnaire at www.shropshire.gov.uk/flooded . Everybody in Shropshire who has just been affected by flooding should respond to it. 

2. The Environment Agency

On Saturday 26 February three pairs of Environment Agency staff were guided round our area taking photos and gathering information to help them to better understand and model the full effect of the floods.  They could visit only a few selected locations on the day, so they are encouraging flood victims to email the details below numbered 1. to 4. to recovery.westmidlands.shwg@environment-agency.gov.uk

  1. Photos (with location, see below) stating or demonstrating the peak height of the flood, or its full extent round you. 
  2. If the flood came into your house, when that inundation started and how deep it was (again, give your location, see below). 
  3. Photos/details of damage to, or debris needing clearing from, the argaes (again with location, see below). 
  4. Details of any problems with the river level gauges, or with the warning system.

The photos/details at 1. to 3. need to be accompanied by an accurate, standardised location.  Some of you may have apps that give these with photos.  For those that don’t, please use either: 

  1. What3Words, via https://what3words.com/jumped.pacifist.obstruction. This should land you at the Severn/Vyrnwy confluence. Just switch on Google Earth by clicking on the very bottom right icon, zoom out and pan around to find your location, then zoom back in as far as it will go, click on the grid square nearest your location, and note (very carefully) the What3Words location that is linked by the line to your spot.  Send in that What3Words location with your photo/details.
  2. Magic Maps, via https://magic.defra.gov.uk/MagicMap.aspx . Switch on OS Colour Mapping on the left if you want, and zoom in to your location.  Then move your cursor to the exact spot, and note down (very carefully) the Grid Ref at the bottom, just under the map scale.  Don’t move the cursor while you do this or the numbers will change!  Send in that Grid Ref with your photo/details.

In early April (exact dates yet to be announced) the Environment Agency will be running drop-in events at Melverley and Pentre when we can again engage with their staff.

Further below are presentations, notes and correspondence arising from activities of the Flood Protection Working Group and its  members since its formation.