Flooding has for centuries periodically affected large parts of Kinnerley Parish and adjoining Parishes. Some of its effects were engaged with within the Neighbourhood Plan, as recorded on pages 36 to 38 (see under the Planning tab).  More recently, as a result of plans that might have increased the incidence of local flooding, the Parish Council set up a Flood Protection Working Group in late 2020.  A Powerpoint presentation was given at a public meeting (via Zoom) of that Group on 11 February 2021 showing some of the parameters involved, and recording the effects of the severe February 2020 floods.  An expanded and updated version of the presentation is available below.

On 18 March 2021 members of the FPWG and others met with Environment Agency staff via Zoom.  Notes of that meeting are also available below.

Members of the Flood Protection Working Group led a very constructive visit on 13th May initiated by Owen Paterson MP to visit and discuss the argaes and other local flood prevention measures with him, our new Shropshire Councillor, Vince Hunt and top members of the Environment Agency, along with representatives from Melverley Internal Drainage Board and both Melverley and Kinnerley Parish Councils. They all learnt a lot from knowledgeable locals along the carefully pre-planned route and actions arising will be followed up in a continuing dialogue. The "map pack" for that meeting is available below.